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“ Turn your fear into courage. Your possibility is boundless!! ”

We, Haedong Engineering, aim to become the leader in the field of distribution board and automatic control system, and to constantly advance since our establishment in 2014. Cooperating with numerous key midsize businesses in Busan and Gyeongsangnam-do region, we built up our foothold in the manufacture of land-maritime distribution board, maritime control panel, railroad distribution board, power box, factory automation (FA), and so forth.

Now, the area of our business is expanding to the fields of smart factory and new & renewable energy. As the economic recession goes on, many small and medium-size businesses are expected for downsizing or shut down. Haedong Engineering is a modest newborn business. Nevertheless, we have plans to stand up to this crisis, by diversifying our business area and expanding abroad according to the analysis on the future demand. This is how we will contribute to the local community and economy through employment, improve the quality of life of all the staffs, and become a socially responsible company that share our profit with those in need. We will become an exemplary case who turned the risk into opportunity. Thank you.

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