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Smart Factory

“WHo”does “What”, “When”, and “Where”

Establishing a development environment for intelligent embedded system, which is capable of collecting and orderly arranging the log data from sensors that monitor “who” does “what”, “when and “where”. Customized solutions for each customer enterprise shall be provided to help innovate the process.

Necessity of smart factory


The smart factory includes all the processes related to the product manufacture, from the product development to the mass production, and from the expectation of market demand and orders from mother company to the shipping of end product.


Increased complexity in the system

– Modularization

– Simplified development tools


Custom development solution

– Industrial protocols

– Finding the right time and synchronization required


Reflecting the consumer needs

– Simplified definition of functions

– Platform-based approach

Smart Factory System


Customizable service

– Saving and loading recent logs from the cloud system

– Diverse working space provided to users

– Cloud-based platform provided for a convenient use regardless of location


Data statistics

– Unified dashboard to confirm major information

– Convenient user interface (UI)

– Visualized log information using graphs


Process model

– Swift processing using the MapReduce algorithm

– Process comparison between two process models or two events

– Calculating the fitness values of different models through comparison


Log replay

– Process analysis through the animation of logs

– Comprehending the actual flow of process and the cause of delay in specific processes

– Pinpointing bottlenecks to help find the cause

Project Procedure (example)


Introduction for Solution (S/W)

SPI(Smart Factory Innovation)