We are wise challenge for Electric Control and Energy Division

We are wise challenge for Electric Control and Energy Division

Renewable Energy Business

Photovoltaic system

The photovoltaic system comprises a solar battery module and an inverter for converting the direct current (DC) voltage generated from the battery to an alternating current (AC) voltage. The system is capable of directly converting the energy of sunlight into electricity.

Solar-powered house

A solar-powered house refers to a residential building installed with the solar battery modules on its rooftop and windows to directly take advantage of the electricity generated from the module.

A household can receive governmental support for installing the solar-powering equipment which generates 3kW or less electricity. An approximate area of 23妊 is required.

Effect of solar-powered house

The efficiency of a solar-powered house is highest when the solar panels of the module is installed to face the south, as the influence of shade decreases. Because the billing of electricity in residential buildings follows the progressive stage system, households with more electricity consumptions are bound to benefit from the photovoltaic system.



< Assuming that the monthly power consumption is 450 KWh >

Advantages of Solar-powered house and exemplary case

– Infinite source of energy without pollution and cost for fuel

– Environmental-friendly energy without mechanical vibration and noise

– No maintenance cost regarding management and operation after the installation

– Electric charges saved by the energy production of photovoltaic system

Lifetime Salary Savings Account / Sunlight Financial Technique

Lifetime Salary Savings Account /
Sunlight Financial Technique

Fast profits from building rooftops and unused lands, guaranteed by the government


Keep your future substantial, with Haedong Engineering

– Profit rate of 17% or more

– Payback of investment expected in 6 years

– A 12-year government-guaranteed contract to assure stable profit rate

– 25-year warranty for solar battery module (actual durability of 30 years or over)

– Profits are weighted as 1.5 times when installed on rooftops


– Field inspection for availability

– Profit analysis for power generation


– Designing optimal generation capacity

– Selecting product type
(module, inverter)


– Electric operator

– Power generation operator license


– Construction

– Completion

– Examination before use

Exemplary Cases

Residential building, commercial building, factory, warehouse, stable (pen), forest land, salt field, cultivation facility, parking lot, gas station, etc. Real estate owners are welcome!


* The weighted value for installing and operating solar-powering equipment on existing buildings is 1.5 times (50% more)

Best-quality products and materials used for stabilized profit.

Best-quality products and materials used for stabilized profit.


(Energy Storage System)

“Lifetime Salary Savings Account” “Sunlight Financial Technique” Photovoltaic System Business (RPS-Renewable Energy Portfolio System)


– Specialized personnel for perfect consulting

– Systematic and stabilized design and construction

– Verified performance through the provision of best quality service

– Diagnosis -> Design/Construction -> Performance Verification

Rules on the Propulsion of Energy Use Rationalization of Public Organizations

Article 11 (Use of Energy-efficient Equipment) Paragraph 5

A public organization is to install an energy storage system (ESS) which can bear 5% or more electricity of the contract power of a building with 1,000 W ore more contract power. However, buildings on lease, power plants, electric supply facilities, gas supply facilities, oil storage facilities, water supply and drainage facilities and rain water pump stations are excluded.

Article 11 (Use of Energy-efficient Equipment) Paragraph 6

A public organization is to use the ESS as the preliminary power supply in case its period of retrenchment and extension.

Article 2 of Addendum (Interim Measures)

3. In relation to Article 11 (5), new buildings shall be applied from January 1, 2017 (as of the date of application for building permits).

CONTRACT POWER(kW) OVER 10,0005,000~10,000 2,000~5,0001,000~2,000
Completion of Installation Dec. 31st, 2017Dec. 31st, 2018Dec. 31st, 2019Dec. 31st, 2019

Standard for the Weighted Values in Solar-powered ESS

(Notification No. 2016-171, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)

< Management Operation Guideline for RPS and RFS >
[Annex 2] Weighted values for new & renewable energy source type

– Weighted values for ESS supply equipment is granted, in case the ESS equipment is linked with the solar-powering equipment of the RPS

– Weighted values are applied for the electricity, which is charged in the storage battery during the hours from 10 to 16 in the solar-powering equipment and used at the time other than the charging hours.

5.0 ESS equipment (linked with solar-powering system) in 2016 and 2017
  • Simple and compact design for convenient installation
  • Battery Module in serial/parallel connection and BPU
  • Flexible system design and Fam cooperation

ESS(Energy Storage System) Battery Rack System