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IPMC Wave-Power Generator

IPMC power supply for offshore plant

Keyword – Marine energy, ionic polymer composite, decarbonization renewable energy, energy acquisition module, current collector.

Core technology – It is a technology that can continuously collect energy from marine energy by using IPMC which is hydrophilic EAP.


Development of efficient power generation and durability improvement technology of IPMC

Optimal design and prototyping of marine flow energy acquisition module based on IPMC

Development of production power storage system from multi-dispersion power generation modules and development of efficient transmission technology

Fostering company-specific research personnel through industry-university cooperation development of IPMC-based energy conversion system technology (material / device / system)

Commercialization technology development and product commercialization through industry-university cooperation development

Technology development background

Various efforts are being made worldwide to secure future energy resources that can be continuously supplied without damaging the environment due to the seriousness of environmental pollution caused by indiscriminate use of fossil fuels.

There is a growing interest in new and renewable energy acquisition technologies that convert energy from everyday natural phenomena into electrical energy.

To cope with global environmental issues, the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development has adopted the International Convention on Climate Change. In response to this, the world has actively pursued new and renewable energy policies. In line with global trends, It is expanding support by establishing development strategy.

Significance of Technology

Currently, research on energy acquisition technology using EAP is in the experimental stage all over the world. Research is ongoing in a few domestic universities and research institutes, but it is in the early stage of research such as characterization of material and improvement of physical properties.

US SRI has developed a system capable of continuously generating 5W of power from the wave using self-developed EAP.

In addition to the United States, organizations that are conducting research on EAP technologies such as Toronto University in Canada and Leed University in the UK are rapidly increasing in the world and increasing efficiency through securing source technology.

As IPMC (EAP) related energy acquisition technology is a research stage, commercialized cases are not reported, so it is impossible to identify the market size and export / import status.

Application field


It is known that in the universe, particulate matter called astragmatic is spread widely, which accumulates on the surface of structures such as satellites and spacecrafts, causing serious damage to the optical machinery and also reducing the power generation efficiency of solar cells. In order to remove these dusts, NASA conducted research to remove dust on the surface of the structure by making a planetary dust wiper based on IPMC.

Medical field

In the case of cerebral vessels, catheter procedures using conventional guidewires are problematic because they are more cramped and more complex than other pods in the body and are at greater risk of accident. A new type of catheter called a micro-active-catheter (MAC) is proposed to solve these problems.
– Measures blood pressure using Ionic-Polymer actuator.

Fuel cell sector

It can be studied in relation to fuel cell and electrolysis using the phenomenon that occurs during the chemical process for manufacturing IPMC, and it is applied to hydrogen cell using it.

Other fields

It is proposed to use IPMC for tactile sensor such as Piezo-material, sensor for low driving voltage of IPMC and micropump applying large stroke.